Installation Free

Kleidoma is the world’s best installation-free SmartLock. It is held to your door by heavy duty neodymium magnets. Kleidoma works with virtually all deadbolts and can quickly be attached and removed whenever needed.

Smart and Scalable

Kleidoma works with Androids, iPhones, and Windows phone. However, it’s a SmartLock that works with more than just Smartphones. Kleidoma is one of the most versatile SmartLocks that offers a physical accessory port. This means you can use a fingerprint reader, RFID reader, NFC, light sensor, WiFi, Zwave, keypad, RF remote, and virtually anything you can dream of!

Key Assist

Kleidoma makes it easier to your existing key with your deadbolt!  Most other SmartLocks either require you to replace your entire set of keys or have a gear system that requires you to exert much force to unlock your door. Kleidoma’s patent-pending Key Assist feature allows you to effortlessly use your existing keys to lock or unlock your door. With a responsive algorithm that detects micro movements to the nearest  milisecond, Kleidoma knows when you have inserted your genuine key. In case your lock is being picked, Kleidoma powers down to prevent the deadbolt from being turned. Simply insert your key and gently push…Kleidoma does the rest!

Emergency Unlock

Away from home? With Kleidoma, you can instantly give one-time access to a friend or loved one, just by knowing their phone number. Kleidoma’s patent-pending technology allows you to send one-time access to anyone with a mobile device, even if you are half way across the world!

Instant Key Sharing

Have friends coming over?  Want to share access with your girlfriend?  Kleidoma allows you to easily share keys and manage access privileges on any internet browser. You can easily administer and revoke access rights from anyone on your list. For example, friends can have limited access to your door but your colleague can have full access to the door and invite other people as well. What’s more?  You can even allow certain people to use the Kleidoma app offline, so if they don’t have a data connection, they’ll still be totally fine.

AutoLeave and AutoLock

Leaving your house or apartment?  Kleidoma will automatically lock your door when you close it. There’s no more hassle with keys. Simply hold the Kleidoma button and it will trigger AutoLeave, which detects when you close your door. Forgot to lock your door? No problem! If Kleidoma is idle and unlocked for over a specified amount of time, it will automatically lock your door for you. No more worries about the door!

Accessible to Everyone

Kleidoma is designed to be accessible to everyone, even the impaired. Kleidoma emphasizes on the ease of use through the simple mobile interface, glass lit capacitative touch button, and the audible chime that indicates when the door is locked or unlocked.

Powerful yet Efficient

Many other SmartLocks in the market power their devices with non-rechargeable AA batteries or lithium batteries. We have taken into account the more efficient and environmentally friendly methods for powering our device. Kleidoma is the world’s first rechargeable SmartLock that can last for over one thousand turns. It can easily be recharged via any USB port. It’s also one of the first SmartLocks which allow users to connect a USB charger to a wall outlet for uninterrupted usage.