Our Team

Makitronics LLC is a technology startup founded by Dominick Lee. The team was formed by college students who are passionate about using mechatronics to enhance the way we live. The company aims to develop innovative technology products which are simple, scalable, and affordable. Makitronics focuses on concepts that revolve around mechatronics, IoT, electrical engineering, programming, and robotics.

How Kleidoma Started

Kleidoma was initially made when avid inventor and programmer Dominick Lee arrived at Purdue university. Due to the inconvenience of carrying and using keys to lock and unlock the door, he wanted to create a SmartLock solution – but not just any solution – a solution that must be installation-free, rechargeable, and work with more than just a smartphone. After spending several months developing numerous prototypes and hundreds of test-builds, the Kleidoma SmartLock was born. Meanwhile, he worked with some talented individuals to refine this project into a great product that would allow us to turn any door into a SmartLock in seconds.

Today, Kleidoma is the only SmartLock that has an accessory port for limitless possibilities of communication. The SmartLock is no longer bound to a Smartphone!


Throughout our development, we would like to acknowledge everyone who spent their time and contribution to make Kleidoma become a reality:

Primary Development

Dominick Lee
Vignesha Bhamidi (aka Charan)
Rahul Sucharitha
Karthik Sridhar
Saawan Patel

Video and Media

Thomas Pechin
Ryan Conrad
Erin Meredith
Tom Muldoon
Liliana Pond
Luigi Moca
Tristan Harris
Holly Novak
Brenna Allard
Mithun Srinivasan

Special Thanks

Ryan Kung
Arundhyoti Sarkar
Abhinav Jayakumar
Remington Andrews
Joseph Louis
Harun Sentosa
Brian Tung
Noah Whaley
Albert Huang
Ayush Vijaywargi
Kevin Zhang

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with any inquiry you have. Please send your emails to us at support@makitronics.com

If you would like to contact us for press or publication reasons, please contact us at pr@kleidoma.com

We would be glad to answer any technical questions you have, however, please check if your question has already been answered in our FAQ prior to contacting us.