It depends. There are two types of “add-ons” for Kleidoma: Accessory Add-ons (hardware) and Firmware Updates (software).

Software:  Firmware updates are always free and can be acquired from the “Kleidoma Updater” software provided. Users can check for the latest Kleidoma firmware to ensure that Kleidoma is always on the most reliable version. However, developers may also choose to customize the firmware through the Kleidoma SDK, which we may offer in the future.

Hardware:  Kleidoma is the first SmartLock with an accessory-port. This means you’ll soon be able to buy accessories from us or create your own. With Kleidoma’s flexible system, you may control the device with almost any I2C sensor connected to the accessory port. The accessory can be configured to work with the Kleidoma via the SDK.

Kleidoma is a rechargeable SmartLock designed to fit on virtually ALL deadbolts. Therefore, the device needs to have a diameter of at least 65mm to cover the entire deadbolt and physically rotate it properly. Additionally, there must be enough room to store the long-lasting rechargeable batteries.

The final product will be more appealing, but in terms of similar size.

Kleidoma is an installation-free rechargeable SmartLock which lets you control your door lock even without your phone and keys. Optionally, you may also use your existing keys or phone. Kleidoma is one of the first few SmartLocks that is designed for any lock, any phone, and any person. With the clear accented glass-lit button, audible signal, and wide-range of compatibility, virtually anyone can use Kleidoma with ease. Kleidoma means “lock” in Greek.

Yes, we put in much thought to make it user friendly to wide range of customers. The buzzer gives specific pulses for opening and closing the deadbolt which aids the blind, while the glass-lit capacitative touch button makes it more elegant and useful for the deaf. Kleidoma also notifies the user when the battery is low by notifying the user via the app, blinking the LED, and periodically beeping.

Yes, Kleidoma uses Bluetooth classic as it’s main protocol, thus it is compatible with almost all smartphones. If you wish to have BLE, WiFi, or other protocols, you can use the accessory port. We are aiming to incrementally develop additional accessories as time comes.

In the rare event if you lose your phone, you can easily take the following steps to recover your access:

1. Log in to the Kleidoma Dashboard from any computer or mobile phone.

2. Click Manage Account and change your password.

3. Download the Kleidoma app on another device and log in.

4. Unlock your door with the new device.

Since some of us come from developing countries, we deeply understand the problems related to power outage. With Kleidoma, you can recharge the batteries before you leave for a long vacation and can rest assured Kleidoma will sustain uninterrupted power.

Thanks for choosing Kleidoma! You can easily set up your Kleidoma by going to our Gettting Started page.

We are working on a patent-pending turn-thumb design and will be ready for production if there is a sufficient demand for non-standard deadbolts. Kleidoma works on almost all single cylinder deadbolts. If you’re not sure whether your deadbolt is compatible with Kleidoma, contact us at

With Kleidoma, there are five ways you can lock your door:

1. Manual Lock:  You can manually lock your door by touching the glass-lit capacitative button.

2. Kleidoma app: You can press the “Lock” button on your Kleidoma app.

3. AutoLeave: You can tell your door to lock itself before you leave by holding the capacitative button.

4. Accessory Port: You can lock your door outside by using your fingerprint reader, RFID fob, etc.

5. AutoLock: Forgot all of the above? It’s okay! Kleidoma will automatically lock your door in minutes if it detects that your door is unlocked. You can always turn this feature on/off.

The batteries last for nearly 1000 turns per charge. The batteries can be recharged several hundred times.

To share access with a trusted friend, you can go to the Kleidoma Dashboard. On mobile, this can be done by going to the Kleidoma app and pressing “My Dashboard”. On a computer, this can be done by going to the main website and clicking the Login menu item.

Once logged in, select Edit on the Kleidoma device and enter your friend’s username or email and click Add User.

Kleidoma works with Androids, iPhones, and Windows phones. We are preparing the Kleidoma app for launch and will release the apps for the respective devices after our Kickstarter campaign finishes.

Technically, no. However, we want installation to be as quick as possible. Thus, the turn-thumb should be in the vertical position while placing the Kleidoma on top of the deadbolt. In other words, the Kleidoma should fit relatively in the center-fulcrum of the deadbolt.

When you power on your Kleidoma for the first time, you will need to configure it with the Kleidoma app. The app will guide you through how to auto-calibrate the device. You won’t need any tools for installation or calibration. The entire setup takes less than a minute.

Absolutely not!

Each kleidoma device will be provided with three external neodymium magnets. Many doors are made of metal, which means you can snap the three magnets to the door and place the Kleidoma on top. For wooden doors (which won’t attract with the Kleidoma), pieces of residue-free double sided tape can be applied to the back of the three magnets and then placed on the door.