Kleidoma Updates

Kleidoma WiFi Edition to be Launched Soon

Kleidoma is finishing the WiFi Edition. This build makes Kleidoma one of the cheapest and most versatile SmartLocks in the world yet to be sold. The team, Makitronics, finalized the design and specifications for Kleidoma V7, which will become the first version of Kleidoma given to consumers.

Kleidoma Ranks as #5 on Reddit Homepage

On August 23, 2014, the Kleidoma project was posted on the Reddit DIY category. Inventor Dominick Lee designed a custom RFID door lock for college students hoping that it would be an intuitive way to provide quick access to a door without using a key. Days later, the post became very renown and is searchable as “Got Tired of Dorm Keys…”. Weeks later, several major revisions were made to the prototype to provide ideal functionality.

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